KOBE Bryant

"At a time when people were chanting "Kobe sucks," I was using an alter ego to give myself emotional distance from my real self. "I was able to switch my mind to something else,

When I make the mental switch [to the Black Mamba], I know its go time"

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KoBe bryant

“If you don’t belive in yourself no one will do it for you.”

The 101 Most Inspirational Basketball Quotes | Planet of Success


Some of the greatest artists, innovators, and athletes of all time became great because of their commitment to practice, not their commitment to seeing immediate results.

Kobe Bryant, for example, was well-known for starting his practice routine as early as 4 AM and refusing to stop until he made 400 shots, no matter how long it took. He explained his reasoning by saying that “if I do this consistently over time then the gap is going to widen [between me and my competition]”.

Build Better Habits that Actually Stick (with Creative Deliberate Practice)


Collective Behaviour
The threshold model of collective behavior implies that even if we believe something is wrong, in some social contexts or situations, we do that very thing.

We sometimes make bad decisions, knowing fully well that they are not right.

The Chamberlain Effect: Why We Make Bad Decisions, Even When We Know Better.


Michael Jordan

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” 

4 key qualities for great leadership


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