On the competitive front, Shaji names Clarifai and Google Cloud Vision as the main rivals it has in its sights.

“We realise these are the big players but at the same time believe that we have something unique to offer, which these players cannot: Unlike their solutions, our platform users can be outside the field of computer vision. By democratising the training of machine learning models beyond simply the technical crowd, we are making computer vision accessible and understandable by anyone, regardless of their job titles,” he argues.

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Moving the player with a controller isn't hard; moving the player on a platform isn't hard, Putting them together you now have two things that want to dictate how the player should be moving.

What should you do if the platform pushes the player up into a ceiling? Push the player through the platform? Squish the player? Stop the platform from moving? Force the player to crouch allowing a little bit more time before squashing?

What about from the other side where the platform comes from the top down on the player pushing them into the ground? Should it behave the same?


As remote work becomes more prevalent among engineers, success requires the key building blocks of workspace communication and mindset, said Darren Murph, global head of remote for GitLab. Murph was one of four engineering leaders who shared insights and perspectives on the future of remote work and remote software engineering during a recent panel hosted by Dev Interrupted and moderated by Dan Lines, chief operating officer and co-founder of LinearB.

Helping organization create quantum circuits that were practical

The Classiq approach, called “Quantum Algorithm Design,” automatically synthesizes optimized quantum circuits from high-level functional models.

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