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"So other people hurt me? That's their problem. Their character and actions are not mine. What is done to me is ordained by nature, what I do by my own."

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🚶 On a walk

  1. Differentiate between ruminating and problem-solving.
  2. Give yourself the same advice you'd give to a trusted friend.
  3. Label your emotions.
  4. Balance your emotions with logic.
  5. Practice gratitude.
  1. Relax and look at the bigger picture. Because if there’s one mistake that people obsessed with perfection always make, it’s obsessing over details to the extent that they lose perspective.
  2. Another basic and essential resource is to improve your self-confidence. Be kind to yourself and believe in your own capabilities.
  3. Stop obsessing. Thinking negative thoughts and senselessly turning things over and over in your mind creates the perfect recipe for perfection paralysis.
Brian tracy

"There is perhaps no area of your life where Self-Discipline has a greater impact on your future than in your work."

No Excuses

by Brian Tracy

Create an Environment That Favors Good Habits

If we convert our playgrounds into unattractive sites, which will not be able to make us feel pleased; And on the contrary, we make the sites that will make us better in the future (desk) more seductive, without a doubt our habits will change, since we will become the "difficult" at the comfortable, and that association will make us act.

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