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The world’s first dream makers were Cox & Kings, established in the UK in the year 1758, and later setting up their headquarters in India as a holiday and educational travel group.

Richard Cox, son of a lawyer, was the first travel agent and apart from travel tickets, arranged wine, food and logistic support to his patrons in the early 19th century.

The oldest ‘arrangers’, the company has recently celebrated its 250th anniversary.

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Self Improvement


Carving out some space to try new things can help us take risks in our art that we may not otherwise do.

Treating art as play reduces the fear and pressure of being perfect. This easy practice can also spill over into other aspects of life and help us to put ourselves out there in unexpected ways.

Turn off notifications for all the apps on your phone, so you don't have to put your phone in do not disturb mode. That way, you have more control over what you see on your phone.

The point is to use your phone mindfully. Consider if a specific notification will be useful to you.

Self-awareness comes from gaining richer and more accurate knowledge of yourself by combining theory and experience.

More self-knowledge leads to more success. If you understand how you function as an individual and as a person in general, you can gain a deeper purpose of your goals and know what will make you fulfilled.

By using simple behavioural interventions, we can create helpful habits. Instead of only identifying a negative behaviour and then trying to avoid it, we can find a substitution which we love, and that will give us a sense of joy, such as eating a healthy snack or texting a friend.

Traditional tools such as journaling, reflection, and lessons or classes can be used in conjunction with behavioural interventions.

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