Self Improvement


Chances are they're happening all the time, you might just not recognize it.

Some coincidences do seem truly amazing – such as cases where someone is walking past a phone box when the phone rings, and on picking it up it turns out it’s for them. In those cases, we’re forgetting that even rare events do happen, but they only seem amazing if we choose to ignore the zillions of times when, for example, people walk past a phone box and nothing amazing happens.

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Self Improvement

  1. Stop worrying about the future, or dwelling on the past too much, and stay in the present, as it is the only reality there is.
  2. Focus on the facts, not on the imaginative speculation in your head.
  3. Go through the worst-case scenario in your mind and try to play out the thing that you fear, and what your next action would be.
  4. Try to play out the best-case scenario in your head, understanding that it is just a child-like fantasy, just like the worst-case scenario.

What to Do When Your Mind (Always) Dwells on the Worst-Case Scenario


Feeling underestimated

Many of us can feel underestimated. You're excellent at work, but you may not be paid your worth, or your potential is not acknowledged. Your parents can't believe you made the dean's List. Some of your friends are surprised when you meet someone great.

These messages can be painful. When people underestimate us, they hold negative assumptions that can make us question our own abilities.

How to Cope With Being Underestimated


Defining Mindset

Mindset is a determined set of attitudes, beliefs, in which guide the individual's life either fulfilling their potential or hindering them from it.

It is the engine behind the process of how we pursue our goals, our perspective in life, and the behaviors we exhibit towards other people and society.

The Subtle Art of Taming Your Mindset


Many solo travellers find dining alone most unpleasant.

  • Chat with the service people.
  • Choose the right eatery. Sitting alone with a book in a cafe isn't as unusual as a table for one at a restaurant.
  • Bring reading material.
  • Eat in if you can't endure another public meal alone.
  • Eat well.

Solo Travel: Everything You Need to Know About Traveling Alone


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