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Self-care isn't spending all our money on shopping therapy, having an extra drink because we 'deserve it' after a hard day, or taking too much time away from our responsibilities for an expensive spa day or trip.

When we make these excuses for ourselves, we aren't reaping the real benefits, since they provide instant gratification without a long-lasting impact.

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Self Improvement

Epicurus and Hedonistic Happiness

Epicurus contradicted that of metaphysical philosophers. He believed that happiness had more to do with earthly dimensions more than its involvement in the spiritual world.

He is widely known for founding the school of thought of "Epicureanism" and proposed the principle of which balance and temperance were what created the space for happiness.

He once said that "he who is not satisfied with little, is satisfied with nothing."

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Many of us feel overwhelmed in these strange times, and need to avoid the common mistakes we make:

  1. Just Do It: We need to stop waiting for the exact ‘right’ moment and actually take action with the available options right now.
  2. Your Unconscious Mind: Make use of it by sitting still and not engaging your mind at all times.
  3. Don’t Be Self-Critical: Don’t self-sabotage yourself by negative thoughts and embrace self-compassion instead.
  4. Use A Different Approach: Our own values and beliefs may need a rethink and we might require fresh, alternative solutions to our problem.
  5. Connect With Loved Ones: Make sure you are not neglecting your support group, friends and family in these hard times.

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Sleeping during the day while working from home is an enticing option, and can be utilized for maximum benefit: A power nap of 20 minutes or less post lunch.

Doing something which provides you freedom, and is not having any sort of responsibility provides the mind a much needed break to get back into work with optimum levels of energy and alertness.

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Women's Day took on a truly revolutionary form in Russia in 1917. Russia was facing unrest for other reasons (war and widespread food shortages).

The International Women's Day demonstration was held on Feb 23, 1917 - the equivalent of Mar 8 in the Russian calendar. Women were the core protesters and the ones on the breadline. This grew to daily mass strikes of workers from all sectors demanding bread, better rights and the end to autocracy.

The Surprisingly Radical Origins of International Women's Day


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