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Greenland's ice sheet is the second largest ice mass on Earth after the Antarctic ice sheet. It contains 10 percent of the world's glacial ice, and it's melting at a whopping 8000 tons per second.

More than two-thirds of Earth's fresh water is stored in glaciers. The loss of all the ice from melting glaciers will affect the global water cycle and considerably impact water supply and quality, energy generation, and incidences of extreme weather.

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Self Improvement


  • The clarinet is a popular instrument that has a lot of opportunities for professional players.
  • This instrument is easy to get into that even children who are 10 years old can begin to learn to play it.
Introverts find noise distracting

Most people have a problem focusing when there is a distraction. Learning can suffer by distracting background sounds.

A study found that background and office noises decreased the performance of introverts in tasks involving reading comprehension and mental arithmetic. Performance during silence was the same for both personality types, suggesting introverts need silence when studying.

If you do not have the right mindset to perform or develop this humor (laughing at yourself), then you will most likely only end up depressed, angry, and end up with lower self-esteem.

The underlying mindset to have should be playful and aim to make self-deprecating jokes instead of self-disparaging ones. Sometimes it also okay to keep the jokes for yourself, it doesn't always have to be performative.

Positivity for better health

Research suggests that happiness and optimism influence positive life outcomes as much as it is a byproduct.

In a study, enthusiastic, cheerful people experienced less memory decline with age. A positive outlook boosts immune responses while reducing the likelihood of heart attacks or other coronary problems.

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