Self Improvement


  1. Sketch a circle loosely. Don't worry if your lines are not great. Remember that you're going to work in layers.
  2. Refine the shape. Find the areas that need improvement and sketch over until you get closer to your desired result.
  3. Keep repeating until you get closer to what you want. Rotate the sketch to help your eyes look at the shape from a different angle.
  4. Define the shape. When you are happier with the form, use more confident lines to define the shape.
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Self Improvement

Prepare for pushback

Keep in mind that you are doing amazing work. You have exerted great effort and you deserve a pat in the back, so even if you don't get the outcome you want, be kind to yourself and think about how much you've learned, improved, and grown through the whole process. 

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  • Jane Austen's writing was prescribed to WWI soldiers suffering from severe shell shock. Rudyard Kipling's 1924 The Janeites celebrates this wartime association. It is about a group of soldiers who bond through their love of Austen.
  • Even the author of Winnie the Pooh, AA Milne, bonded with fellow soldiers over his love for Austen.
  • Winston Churchill was consoled during illness when his daughter read Pride and Prejudice to him.
  • During the present-day lockdown, many enjoyed the richness of Austen's novels.

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Meteors, or shooting stars, are pieces of space rock burning up in the atmosphere as gravity pulls them towards the earth. Most meteors are created from icy comets which undergo sublimation due to the sun, turning from ice to gas.

The ice evaporates and forms a stream of debris, slamming into our atmosphere and creating a spectacular display of meteor showers in the night sky.

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Be intentional. Focus on the positive, and avoid posts whose primary goal is to make you angry.

Consider removing social media apps from your phone. Access them only on your computer and only for a set period of time in the evening.

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