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The rise of leisure meant the Fourth of July emerged as a major midsummer holiday. Heavy drinking and many fireworks injuries prompted reformers of the late 19th and early 20th century to start a Safe and Sane Fourth of July movement.

During the later 20th century, this day became less important as a venue for politics. However, it remains an important symbol of national power and freedom.

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Self Improvement


Pyrrho is considered the first Skeptic philosopher. He thought we waste so much time and effort demanding solutions where there's only doubt that we're destined to be unhappy.

Instead, he thought we ought to adopt a position of suspended judgement, or epoché. If someone asks you for your views, you ought to simply demonstrate epoché and say that you only have your opinion and conclude that there is no absolute answer.

The Power Of Television

Invented in 1926 by Scottish inventor John Logie Baird, the Television has been an incredible, long-lasting creation, having the power to take us to wonderful places where we can experience news, entertainment, sports and real or fictional stories of all kinds.

The first transmission was broadcast by Baird, who later also invented the first colour television.

"Behind every successful man is a woman. Behind her is his wife."

When we access the lives of people around us, we are essentially comparing ourselves with them, using them as a benchmark to how our lives are going. If they are suffering, we feel secure and happy. If the people we watch are having a gala time, we get envious or motivated but learn new things we didn’t know before. We are basically picking up the cues and learning the rules of life.

It is a way of coping with the unique challenges and constraints of the current times, making sense of the world in flux.

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