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The Sun does generate sound

The Sun makes sound in the form of pressure waves. Pressure waves are created by pockets of hot gas that come up from deep within the Sun and break through the solar surface. The result is that the Sun's atmosphere is bubbling like a pan of boiling water.

The wavelength of the sound waves is measured in hundreds of miles, making them far outside the range of human hearing.

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Self Improvement


Choral singing makes people happy

The most popular arts-related participatory activity in the United States is choral singing. The group activity seems to stand out for this reason: Singing has some effects that other participatory activities don't.

Choral singing makes people happy. In songbirds, a male singing to a female activates the pleasure centre of the male's brain. Scientists found that the effect of singing on birds' brains is similar to the effect of addictive drugs on human brains. But the effect doesn't happen when singing alone.

Research on happiness

Most people want to live a happier life. But happiness is not easy to achieve despite the many proposed formulas: Get enough sleep. Exercise. Meditate. Help others. While they are linked to happiness, they don't work for everyone.

Researchers have turned to smartphones to try and understand happiness better. Thousand of people have contributed to The Happiness Project, a smartphone app that tracks happiness.

While we are not in control of our tastes, we can shape them and acquire new ones with the following tips:

  1. Explore new stuff, comparing your tastes with others, keeping an open mind. Learn about food, music and art from different cultures.
  2. Slow down your experiences, chewing your food slowly, and not being in a hurry while travelling to new places, reading or meeting someone. Relish life.
  3. Reflect on your past experiences and try to document your exploration.
  1. Set aside a time by creating a reminder.
  2. Pick a task that you feel afraid to do. It can be recording an audio, calling someone, or negotiating a deal.
  3. Remember how meaningful it is to you or your loved one.
  4. Do it for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. Learn to embrace the uncertainty, feeling the physical and physiological sensations inside you.
  6. Be compassionate to yourself and look for openness and gratitude.
  7. Make the task accountable by involving your friends.

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