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Wimbledon championship history

The first Wimbledon championship was held in 1877 on one of the croquet lawns of the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club. In 1884 a women's championship was introduced at Wimbledon. Mixed doubles and women's doubles started in 1913.

The championships were originally played by amateurs but opened to professional players in 1968. The current championships, in addition to men's and women's singles, doubles and mixed doubles, include junior boys and girls events.

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Self Improvement


Most of us conform to the expectations of the group to avoid being the ‘odd one out’ or just to not appear foolish.

In many cases we don’t even know what the expectation is, so conforming to what everyone else is doing appears a safe bet.

A recent study named the gap between expectations and the day-to-day reality of jobs as "glossy work." The glossy work dissonance can cause employees to change jobs. Another problem is how to present the work and themselves to other people.

  • For example, when talking to outsiders, they may focus on the more glamorous aspects of journalism.
  • When speaking to high-status writers, they focus on their own expertise.
  • To an insider, they present a more complete view.

This can cause prospective employees to end up with false expectations.

The term "emotional labour"

Our feelings are hard at work. In 1983, Arlie Russel Hochschild defined labour as requiring one to "induce or suppress feeling in order to sustain the outward countenance that produces the proper state of mind in others."

Clear examples of emotional labourer are therapists and other healthcare professionals, communications professionals, and educators. But we all do emotional labour when we empathise with our customers or plan a project at work.

The Growth Mindset in the Workforce

Your success in the workforce is heavily dependent on whether you are able to keep an open mind, have the capacity to hone your skills and develop new ones, and how you approach tasks whether they may be challenging or not.

It is largely determined by one's abilities to be able to learn from their experiences and expand their knowledge from both their successes and their failures.

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