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The one-of-a-kind tourney

In 1947, Hans Redl of Austria progressed to the fourth round of the Men's Singles event at the Wimbledon. The catch however is that Redl had only his right arm with him to compete.

He had lost his left arm while on active service. He, however, was granted a special dispensation during the competition. He was allowed to touch the ball twice every time he served.

Redl went on to compete at Wimbledon until 1956. 

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Self Improvement


Taking multiple jobs in a short span of time can indicate struggle towards commitment, or chronic performance issues. Brief tenures can be tackled as follows:

  1. Show the positive side of working with a diverse set of companies, gaining experience and a solid network.
  2. Focus on the accomplishments rather than the tenure.
  3. Make the hiring manager understand the exposure you had and best practices that were acquired, increasing your competence
Moon ownership

The only international law that governs space comes from the 1967 Outer Space Treaty controlled by the United Nations.

It states that no government can lay claim to the Moon, but it did not foresee that private companies may also venture out to space. No thought has yet been given to what will happen if two parties want to set up on the same spot. Mining rights are unclear and Lunar water and may also need protection.

He believed monarchies must adapt to survive.

  • He set up informal lunches where the Queen could meet people from a broader range of backgrounds.
  • Before the Coronation, when Philip and the future Queen moved into Clarence House in 1949, he installed an array of labor-saving devices, including one in his wardrobe that would eject a suit at the push of a button.
  • The Duke also championed a 90-minute fly-on-the-wall BBC documentary entitled Royal Family, which aired in 1969 and was considered landmark television.
  • At Buckingham Palace, Philip had intercoms put in so that servants no longer had to ferry written messages to his wife.

According to Epicureanism, life should be lived rationally through removing the illusion that is making us unhappy. Fantasies and over-romanticizing of events eventually lead to disappointment.

Meanwhile, stoicism reminds us that we must find tranquility in our virtuous lives and improve ourselves to becoming a better characterization of one's being.

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