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  • Robert DiYanni's book You Are What You Read (2021) shows what productive reading looks and feels like when engaging with the minds and hearts of writers.
  • Martin Puchner's book The Written World (2017) describes how major literary works imprint the cultures they embody and influence the values of those cultures.
  • Alberto Manguel's book A Reader on Reading (2011) explains that, in a broad sense, the activity of reading defines us as people.
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Self Improvement


The first magistrate court in England and Wales evolved in the late 13th century. The proliferation of courts resulted in a lot of political interference, resulting in an upheaval in the year 1387, when six judges were sentenced to death, with one execution.

  • The first Song Of The Year was in Italian (1959). The Grammy Awards judges gave the prize to Domenico Modugno's Volare.
  • Jimmy Webb's By the Time I Get To Phoenix is regarded as one of the classic songs in the 1960s. The Grammy panel gave it a nomination for best song in 1967, but another song, written by Webb, Up, Up And Away, won.
  • OC Smith covered Bobby Russell's Little Green Apples in 1968 and won the Song Of The Year Grammy.
The Navigational Precision Of Birds

Billions of songbirds migrate every year to different lands thousands of miles away, and the way they reach the exact same place to nest is fascinating and is as if they have precise GPS instruments installed in them.

This mysterious sense of compass direction is due to a ‘magnetic map’ that is very much like the way we use GPS (Cartesian coordinates).

In a representative people's monarchy, the people have the power while the monarch has none.

The British royal family are not supposed to express political opinions. When Elizabeth II reads out the policies of 'Her' government in the Queen's Speech at the Opening of Parliament, she represents the power of the people whose votes put the prime minister of the moment into office. She is a mouthpiece of that government but does not express her own opinions.

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