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The British nation puts its trust in people rather than in paper and has never codified its constitution. The Magna Carta's place in the laws of England and Wales is mainly symbolic.

And yet, the symbolism crosses the political spectrum. Nelson Mandela expressed his admiration for it during the Rivonia trial of 1964. Churchill was advised that a copy of the original charter might secure the support of the United States in WWII.

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Self Improvement


Impressionist art was a shift from mythology, historical events and other kinds of 'epic' paintings towards street life in Paris, contemporary life, rural leisure life, and other new places that were never explored by painters before.

The mixing of colours captured the shifting of light, with innovative use of saturation, mixing, and broken colours, giving a vivid intensity to the same.

Make your boss and your teammates see the things you bring to the table. Find ways to connect your tasks into the company's outcomes and help your boss from time to time, through this you will be seen as someone who constantly adds value.

  • The Dabbler: Starts everything with enthusiasm. He delights in signs of progress. The plateau that follows is unacceptable and he starts looking around for new things.
  • The Obsessive: He or she knows results are what count, and he wants them fast. He simply won't accept a plateau. He redoubles his effort. He pushes himself mercilessly and is likely to get hurt. 
  • The Hacker: After sort of getting the hang of a thing, he or she is willing to stay on the plateau indefinitely. At work, he does only enough to get by, leaves on time or early, takes every break, talks instead of doing his job, and wonders why he doesn't get promoted.

by George Leonard

  • Oscar Winner: In 1940, Hattie McDaniel was the first African American to win an Academy Award for her performance in Gone With the Wind. She portrayed a loyal slave governess.
  • First Black Billionaire: Robert Johnson sold his cable station, Black Entertainment Television (BET) in 2001 and became the first Black billionaire. Other billionaires include Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan.

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