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  • The Constitution of Luxembourg was first written in 1841, just two years after Luxembourg became a sovereign nation. 
  • The current Constitution dates to 1868 and it was last amended in 2016.
  • Luxembourg’s Constitution describes the constituent foundations of the State, the guarantee of the rights and liberties of the nation’s citizens, and the organization of the powers.
  • While the Constitution of Luxembourg has been revised several times since 1841, one of the biggest changes took place in 1919. Following that revision of the Constitution, all citizens of legal age, 21 at the time (lowered to 18 in 1972), were given the right to vote. 
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Self Improvement

Many of the hundreds of self-proclaimed ‘happy’ people interviewed were not having a mainstream, practical work life. They were termed crazy and stupid. The problem was that they had stopped chasing fame or money, and focused on having a beautiful, exciting life where they chose to do what they wanted to do.

The explorative life, where we pursue our natural feelings is the key to happiness.

I interviewed 500 happy people. Their habits will transform your day


  • You should be able to spend some time every day engaging in activities that energize and recharge you; it takes only a few moments to make a day more productive and fulfilling.
  • Even in the worst situations, you can find opportunities for growth. The key is to shift your focus away from what others do that hinders you and instead seek out small things that enable you to make daily forward progress. 
  •  Even if you are stuck in a job that is far from ideal, you have the ability to create a little meaning on the side (for example, volunteering in your free time).

There are two ways to measure your progress with the daffodil principle, and those are to make qualitative and quantitative improvements towards yourself or your goals.

If by chance your goal is to write a book, then the qualitative improvement you could do is to increase your knowledge in grammar and syntax; for quantitative you could write a thousand words a week, as long as it is 1 percent more than last week.

Consistent actions and feedback result in great outcomes.

The Daffodil Principle


Saltwater: The Reason An Ocean Is Salty

Ocean water is full of mineral salts which enter through the rivers, passing through rock and soil. Water has a property of evaporation whereas salt does not, so a lot of salt is left behind.

Oceans are saline throughout the world, but the Mediterranean Sea is saltier. Many oceans are less salty due to the regular mixing of fresh river water.

Why Is the Ocean Salty? | Salt in the Ocean | Live Science


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