Self Improvement


Some people experience continued anxiety in their work.

  • Anxiety could have underlying issues that twist how we view our progress at work. It is then important to speak to a therapist about it.
  • Anxiety can also result from the job not being a good fit, particularly if your concerns are growing.

However, some roles can take a year or two for you to become good at and even longer to master. It might be worthwhile to stick it out a while longer to see how things progress.

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Self Improvement


3D Printing for Hearing Aids

3D Printing techonology has made it possible for hearing aid manufacturers to make custom made hearing aids and help accelerate the process of making them then fine-tuning the materials, ear shapes, and print the entire hearing aid.

The Science of Social Media

Studying social media and its effects on people is extremely difficult to achieve because social media companies don't really share data with researchers. However, what we can tell you is that the science behind social media is broken and we should be open to the possibility of its effects may they be positive or negative.

For all, we know it could be just like the time studies proved that violent video games don't really cause real-world aggression.

And if you already know it will happen, then there’s no pressure to avoid it.

Fail, fail often, and learn. Then you’ll be better equipped for the next attempt.

Absurdism allows the mind to consume unexplainable things. The kinds of things that we seek to experience can be found in a "sweet spot" between possessing recognizable patterns and inconsistency.

This desire is rooted from the evolutionary need where we need to find knowledge and learn things about the world.

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