Self Improvement


Just because we think that young people should tolerate stress, failure, misery and challenges so that they benefit from it, does not mean all of them will.

Many cultures in the east promote handling tough situations as a way to make people strong, but the fact is that future resilience is based on many factors, not just tough circumstances.

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Self Improvement


Temper Tantrums

Throwing temper tantrums are a part of normal childhood development and through this they are also able to communicate their feelings to their parents or guardians, in socially acceptable ways.

These usually start when they are a year old and continue until they are toddlers.

Prophet Mohammad specified that Muslims feed the poor towards the end of Ramadan.

A portion of dates or barley was given directly into the poor's hands. Over time, the bartering system translated into a monetary one. Now Muslims give a minimum of £5 to mosques or charities.

Laughter as a method of bonding

Laughter is a form of social bonding because it is contagious and allows us to show that we are non-threatening.

We laugh when we see or hear something funny. We laugh to show that we are being silly.

Parents and others go to great lengths to overwhelm children with evidence about Santa.

  • 84% of parents report taking their child to visit at least two Santa impersonators during Christmas season.
  • The Elf on the Shelf is now a multi-million-dollar franchise.
  • The United States Postal Service promotes "Letters from Santa" programs which provides personal replies to children's letters.

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