Self Improvement


  • Crowds can influence learning, as certain behaviour (emotional and physical) is contagious.
  • Crowds can make certain experiences richer, like being in a packed stadium watching a game, or going to a rock concert. The experience becomes much more enjoyable and exciting.
  • Crowds provide a sense of security, as being in the presence of a lot of strangers, like in a crowded marketplace, makes one relaxed and alert at the same time.
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Self Improvement


Many studies were done to correlate conformity and social pressure with preference falsification and it turns out that:

People adapt to conform to the beliefs of other people because they lack the reliable information needed, and in the absence of trustworthy information, the only sensible reaction is to conform.

Bungee Jumping: The Legend

An extreme form of sport that is relatively safe, bungee jumping has a brief, surprising history.

It has its roots in Pentecost Island in the Southern Pacific region. The old legend had a female victim of marital abuse jumping off a large tree with her feet tied to the vines, escaping the fall. The abusive husband who jumped after her died after hitting the ground.

Classical music offers something on a large scale

Very few art forms offer something as big as an orchestra—one hundred people playing music that can last over half an hour.

To start with, try to identify some of the different things you hear.

  • Pick one of the nine Beethoven symphonies, then add to the Western canon: Brahms Second, Tchaikovsky's Sixth, Mahler's Fifth, Bruckner's Seventh, and Shostakovich's Fifth.
  • Or start from the 21st century and work backwards.
The Music Of Our Youth

Music is linked to our memory and emotion and certain life experiences and autobiographical memories are better recalled than others.

We are nostalgic and extremely emotional about the music we heard in our formative years when we were young. We believe that music from the past was better, but each generation is deeply connected to the music heard in the specific decade where they were teens coming of age.

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