Self Improvement


The majority of people will rather dream about things instead of strategising how to make them a reality.

Instead of just reading about something that interests you, think about what you like about it and see how you can make it work for you. Create systems to break down large goals into actionable steps. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

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Self Improvement


The way we organize our tabs is to blame for the problem of tab overload. Having multiple windows open at the same time has now outlived its usefulness.

A better option is to group them as ‘tasks’ and arrange them organically, with the related tabs simply showing as a task. This helps reduce the clutter and keeps the eye on the ball, making us more productive.

Urban life has eradicated the feelings of being together in a connected way, making things on your own, doing everything by yourself. One never thought of slowing down and having meaningful experiences in the constant ‘rush hour’ life we are used to.

Cottagecore puts forward the old ways of community living, doing everything by hand, be it milking cows, sewing, gardening or craftwork.

Success is inevitable if a system is followed daily. It is the sum of small efforts, repeated every day.

One can start small, by learning five new words every day in a language we want to master or even writing five sentences in your journal. Keep it regular, and see the magic of compounding.

Loneliness requires two thing:

  1. A lack of meaning in one's relationships
  2. A sense of the self as separate from others

In pre-modern society, religion gave meaning to all existence. God was always there. But modernity brought uncertainty. Scientific medicine questioned the certainty of the soul, urbanisation disrupted traditional communities, and existential philosophy searched for meaning without God. In this context, loneliness was invented and maintained by neoliberal policies.

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