Self Improvement


  • Put a sticky note on your computer screen reminding you to breathe deeply.
  • After accomplishing a task from the to-do list, enjoy the feeling for a few moments.
  • Relax when you close your laptop after finishing work.
  • Send a small message to your loved ones, feeling good that you made them feel good.
  • Savor your tea or coffee without your phone.
  • Chew your food slowly and without screens around you.
  • Get a body massage or Reiki.
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Self Improvement


If you are relocating with children, explore options for local public schools and private international schools.

  • The International Schools Database is a directory with more than 2,000 schools in 71 countries.
  • Families in Global Transition and the Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) are resources that could be useful for families to transition across cultures.

Each person has a unique personality and strengths that can help them achieve their goals. You are then the best person to formulate a plan for self-improvement.

To get started:

  • Write down three goals you have for the next year.
  • For each goal, describe what that goal requires.
  • Get an opinion from someone you trust about your goal descriptions and how you can improve it.
  • Break down your goals into small steps.
  • Write down deadlines for each step.
Brain Dumping

Brain dumping is an exercise where we comprehensively express and record our thoughts, ideas, or commitments from our heads onto a paper or a calendar.

Rather than being frustrated with boredom or using it as an excuse, find out why you feel discontent.

  • Most important is to stop dwelling on the idea that you are bored.
  • Instead, figure out why you're bored right now.
  • Create a list of activities for when you feel energetic and bored, and when you're feeling more tired. The activity could be reasonably mindless, like knitting an easy pattern or getting a cup of coffee. The point is to find an activity that feels meaningful.

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