Self Improvement


  • Growing pains occur when the goals we set previously simply don’t reflect the higher level of consciousness we now have.
  • If we stubbornly keep our goals despite our change, growing pains results. We will feel incredibly unmotivated to work on our goals and will likely feel a whole host of negative emotions.
  • In these situations our focus stifles our ability to be flexible. We remain locked into our goals. By casting off these goals we can regain our flexibility. 
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Self Improvement

  1. Write a book and publish it for free on Amazon Kindle.
  2. Start a consulting side-hustle, provided the work does not clash with your current job profile.
  3. Do volunteer work.
  4. Seek higher education, like an accelerated MBA program or an e-course. You could even listen to podcasts and set up your own, going wherever your curiosity takes you.
  5. Pick an unreachable goal that you could never have done due to lack of time or resources. Get out of your comfort zone and grow taller.
  6. Pick a contractual working assignment outside your field that requires travelling to different cities or countries.
Democritus and the existence of atoms

We know about atoms because of scientists and electron microscopes, but the idea goes back to the ancient Greeks.

Democritus first articulated the idea of atoms. He argued that it must exist. If we continually halved something, there would be no endpoint. Therefore, there must be a fundamental unit to the world from which everything else is made.

A study was done by a Harvard researcher on bomb-disposal operatives and split them into two groups: those who have been decorated for their work and those who hadn't. Their study showed that the operatives who've been decorated, when placed in the danger zone, entered a state of cold, meditative focus, where their heart rates went down as compared to the other group.

The confidence that they had with themselves is what made them calm and have a mezzanine level of consciousness.

While constructive feedback can be very valuable, we need to learn to ignore destructive feedback. When you are in a leadership position, everyone will have an opinion on how you could work better. However, not everyone's opinion is useful.

Instead of considering irrelevant feedback, label these comments as opinions and noise. Instead of reacting, hear the feedback, acknowledge it politely, and sift between the useful and the noise.

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