Self Improvement


The self-help consumer may devour pop psychology in an attempt to find happiness and success. There is some evidence that the search may be successful and make a positive difference.

Research on bibliotherapy - using books to treat mental health problems - revealed that it could effectively reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and sexual dysfunctions. Even self-administered bibliotherapy may be at least equally effective as the standard care for people with depression.

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Self Improvement


Morbid Curiosity

Morbid curiosity is our fascination with ‘compelling awfulness’, like the footage of a plane crash, or a celebrity meltdown on camera.

People rubbernecking on a car crash site, for instance, cause further accidents just because the curious drivers cannot look away from the crash site and in front of their own vehicle.

The first film completed in Los Angeles was the Count of Monte Cristo in 1908. Two years later, the film Old California was produced.

The climate allowed for outdoor filming year-round, and the mixed terrain provided for a variety of settings. But, most importantly, it was far away from the state of New Jersey, where Edison's Motion Picture Patent Company ruled and strangled the film industry.

  1. Make sending and replying to emails a game, by setting time limits or adding humour in the content.
  2. Make your finances a game where we keep our debt as little as we can, or keep our investments as large as possible. One can get excited about rising savings or diminishing debts.
  3. Writing a book can be an explorative journey into your own mind, where you interact with yourself and your potential readers, finding life and adventure in your own written words.

Many people have homegrown family businesses which they were supposed to do by default, even if they didn’t like it. When complaining, the answer was that it is work, and you are not supposed to like it.

Doing a job we dislike for a paycheck has been a common practice for centuries, so we don’t find anything wrong with it. But it is still absolutely wrong. We have to create a work process that energizes us and use our strengths into our work profile in such a way that the process becomes our own non-financial reward.

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