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Why bubbles are round

Bubbles appear when a thin film (like soap water) traps gas (such as air). The molecules in the film are drawn to each other and shrink to the smallest possible area.

The smallest area that can wrap around a volume is a sphere, meaning the film will shrink to cover a sphere.

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Self Improvement


Some people struggle to shift their attention during a trigger thought. The following 10-minute exercise may be helpful:

  • Focus on at least three environmental sounds: traffic, birdsong, building work, etc.
  • Practice tuning in to just one sound at a time for about 10 seconds, then turn to another sound.
  • After two minutes, repeat the exercise, but focus on each sound for four seconds.

The aim is to become practised at shifting your attention. When you become better at it, try to introduce a trigger thought into the exercise.

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

Self-loathing is real and surprisingly common. We sometimes hate ourselves more than any person could. This phenomenon takes many shapes:

  1. Anticipating something bad to happen after something good has happened, with an assumption that your happiness will be followed by misery.
  2. Success resulting in feelings of guilt and anticipation of danger.
  3. Pleasant days ruined by chronic worry, panic or a sense of loss.
  4. Imagining the worst in others.

Aristotle used the idea of nature to explain that which defines the essence of something. The essence is the properties that define what a thing is. For example, the essence of water will be its molecular structure.

Then to act in accordance with nature means to consider the actual definition of each thing.

Just like a judge did not commit the crime, but is still responsible for the crime/lawsuit and what to do with the case, we are also responsible for many things that are not our fault or our choice. Fault may or may not be there, but it is the past, and the present is the responsibility.

One cannot get away with blaming others for their unhappiness, though most people do that. The truth is that no one has ever been responsible for your unhappiness, and it is completely your domain.

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