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Mothers need to understand both the up and downsides of adding the title of 'mum' to their resume.

  • Although adding the title of 'mum' can feel empowering, it may still be risky as implicit bias is a huge factor.
  • A company's culture may also affect if the title belongs on that resume. However, if enough mothers vote with their feet, this could help spur a larger cultural change.
  • Right now, adding 'mum' to a CV isn't standard. It's difficult to know if more renegrades willing to 'sacrifice themselves' can change how women are viewed in the workplace.
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Self Improvement


Incorporating tones of reggaeton and Samba, latin music grew in popularity in the last forty years and has a wide variety of elements that define its sound.

Mainstream pop has generously borrowed from latin music.

Documentary: Origins

Scottish filmmaker John Grierson is known as the father of documentary films, and coined the term ‘documentary’ in 1926. He believed that cinema can add value by observing and documenting real life, and this capacity can be a new kind of art form.

He states in his own documentary that documentaries can be a powerful democratic tool and it is a social responsibility of a filmmaker to help society achieve its ideals of democracy.

First, assess the situation.

  • Consider your goals for using chutzpah.
  • Consider the people that you're thinking of using chutzpah toward.
  • Think of the ways in which you can display chutzpah.
  • Weigh the potential benefits and risks of using chutzpah. In a high-risk and low-reward situation, choose an alternative course of action.
  • Consider relevant moral principles to guide your actions.

The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction can only prosper when we practice allowing ourselves to be imperfect and flawed.

Struggling with starting and finishing projects is a daunting hurdle to get over, mainly because we often find ourselves feeling inadequate and further criticize ourselves due to this idealized expectation towards ourselves and the finished product.

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