Self Improvement


AI(Artificial Intelligence) can learn from experience and by processing new data sets, unlike traditional computers who are not programmed to self-educate themselves. Modern AI can sift through vast amounts of data to pull out the exact search result, even express uncertainty or confusion, and filter out data that is too personal.

AI can act as a ‘failsafe’ to counter common errors we make, and cancel out the ‘human’ factors affecting decision making like bias, lack of attention, fatigue or emotion.

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Self Improvement


Being Hypervigilant

To be hypervigilant is to have a perpetual vigilance or alertness about what can happen with us or around us. The hypervigilant person is never at peace, never calm, and always obsessed about something or the other.

A lack of emotional stability while growing up, or being a victim/witness of domestic violence, or other environmental factors like being in a war zone, can develop into hypervigilance.

Assume “Good person, Bad Circumstances”

People are often good but their circumstances can change how they come out.

Get clear on the “true facts”: what you know for sure. Then assume that the other person has good intent, and imagine the circumstances that could be causing his or her behavior.

How to Have a Good Day

by Caroline Webb

Poetry begins with reading the words of the poems

Poetry has a reputation for needing special training to appreciate it. In the classroom, poems were often taught as if they were riddles. We were taught that poetry is inherently "difficult" and that it makes meaning by hiding meaning.

Real progress begins when we get literal with the words in the poem. Pick a word that you find interesting in the poem, and start to investigate that word.

Art Nouveau
  • Emerged as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution of Europe
  • It embraces the aesthetic of the new industrial Europe
  • It features naturalistics but stylized forms that were often mixed with arcs, parabolas, and semicircles
  • Fond of natural forms that have been overlooked such as insects, weeds, and mythical fairies.

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