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Main Character Syndrome is not a new trend. People have thought of themselves as the protagonists of the fictionalised story of their lives since people talked about their lives around campfires.

What sticks out now is how willing we are toward being self-referential. The funniest and most relatable main character memes are the ones that remind us of how our younger selves really thought we were living in a Disney movie.

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Self Improvement



"Change is the only constant in life."

Using the Imposter syndrome as motivation

The imposter syndrome is the feeling that you are unworthy of your accomplishments at work and that you will be exposed as a fake. People who experience imposter syndrome perceive it as harmful to their success.

But the behaviours that the 'imposters' show to compensate for their self-doubt can make them better at their jobs and motivate them to outperform their non-imposter peers in interpersonal skills.

Exceptional Creativity

While collaborating with others is essential in a creative process, exceptional creativity needs solitude. Interacting and brainstorming in a group is not as deep creatively as shutting down the world and being completely alone with your own craft. Creative people generally tend to be introverts.

The best creative minds like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein remain flexible and spend a lot of quality time in solitude, while also valuing the ideas from other sources.

Moods Vs Emotions

Emotions (like rage) are a jolt of energy with a short duration and are also called ‘action potentials’. This is because they provide information that energizes you towards a particular action.

Moods are states of mind shaped by our current problems, stress, thought and rumination. Moods that go on longer than a day or two can cause anxiety or depression.

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