Self Improvement


You don't have to be a perfectionist to fall prey to this tendency of splitting your perspective into extremes, where you could only either do good or do terribly.

To resolve this issue we must gradually push the boundaries of our comfort zone and allow ourselves to make mistakes from time to time. We could either journal about our to-do list or dedicate a notebook for our "bad ideas."

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Self Improvement


The Love Of Denim

A pair of denim jeans are a favourite choice of attire for millions. This popular indigo-coloured piece of clothing was born in 1873, courtesy a tailor named Jacob Davis, and Levi Strauss, owner of a fabric house.

Crafted for cowboys and miners, it became a choice for mail workers in the US looking for sturdy wear, something that can stand the constant wear and tear of a coal mine, for example. These were uncomfortable at that time, and no one wore them on the street.

The Hero Archetype mobilizes the boy’s latent energy, breaking the cocoon of family and security. It enables the person to grow and learn by placing him in uncomfortable, often difficult situations. It is ultimately a test that leads to emotional and spiritual growth.

The challenges lead to a big push that results in self-realization, as without such obstacles the boy would not procure the courage that is required.

The Existence of Round Planets

The life cycle of a planet usually begins when the gravity of the star attracts clouds of rocks and dust until it forms into a blob that attracts more matter towards its center.

Since gravity works in all directions equally, this is the reason why planets are round-shaped instead of any other form.

Stoics preferred to control fears and desires, rather than being their prisoners.

That led them to visualize worst-case scenarios in detail, in order to control them.

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