Self Improvement


Many of us face moments of not knowing, when we are doing something completely new, like assembling furniture or learning new software, and there is a certain uneasiness that is felt, as we are complete newbies in the particular activity.

We get a strong urge to avoid the seemingly difficult task in front of us, and we rush to our beloved smartphone to distract our mind.

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Self Improvement


A managing editor sees the day-to-day issues and processes of the magazine and manages the work assignments of associates and assistant editors.

Other key responsibility areas include drafting articles, proposing concepts, communicating with department heads and addressing problems.

Cluttercore is creative chaos

Cluttercore is a new interior design movement. It is not associated with mess and untidiness but rather an intentional approach to organised clutter.

Cluttercore is about loving all the beautiful things that you already own. The objects capture a story and are a reflection of who you are. This joyful maximalism offers vibrant colour and texture, patterns and prints.

Overt Social Curiosity

  • It means having an underlying interest in knowing what makes other people tick and other people's thoughts, feelings, and behavior.
  • Having OSC is a link to healthy psychological outcomes such as open-mindedness and agreeableness.

Covert Social Curiosity

  • The information gathered about other people with CSC is through indirect means of discovering what other people are like such as gossiping or snooping.
  • Those who have CSC have less adaptive psychological outcomes.
1970: The Now Explosion

In the 1970s, The Now Explosion was a 28-hour, free-wheeling TV program in Atlanta that seemed to pioneer MTV and the YouTube mashup edit.

The idea was to try and replicate Top 40 radio on a UHF station. For a brief period, The Now Explosion was very successful, but later the idea proved to be financially unsustainable.

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