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Fashion statements can mean a variety of things. 

  • They can be a statement of liberation, such as women wearing pants in the 1950s and 1960s. 
  • They can be statements of personality, such as funky vintage wear that reflects your aura. 
  • They can even be statements on the state of fashion, such as Jennifer Lopez's infamous belly dress.
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Self Improvement

The Fashion Statement

A fashion statement could be defined as something original worn to make a bold statement about fashion knowledge or draw attention to oneself. 

Women who started wearing pencil skirts in the 1950s were making a bold fashion statement in their clothing, as it differed widely from the accepted fashion trends.

We can make use of our friends, family, online resources and healthy habits to manage our intense emotions.

Support can also mean self-compassion, meditation, patience, mindfulness and breathing exercises.

ABCs Of Emotions: Awareness

Simply be aware of your current state of mind, the feeling you are experiencing right now.

Then label that emotion, becoming a witness to it. Labelling detaches the emotion from us, and we begin to see it as a separate entity, no longer identifying with it, or being at its mercy.

The art of balance requires us to be okay with the inner turmoil, and willing to go inside the storm.

When we resist or suppress an emotion, it grows inside us, but if we stay with our emotions and let them dance, it flows out of our system.

When we dig deeper and feel the intensity of the emotion, observing our body sensations, we need to gauge the intensity and take care of ourselves by stepping back and moving away from entertaining the emotion if it heats up above boiling point.

Without the force of gravity, the intense pressures at the core of the sun would cause it to burst open. The same fate would befall other stars in the Universe. Eventually, there would only be a diffuse soup of atoms and molecules drifting around.

While this scenario is impossible, it helps to illustrate just how fundamental gravity is to the Universe.

There is good reason to believe the human body would develop differently.

If gravity was not around, our heart, muscles and bones would have nothing to respond to, and our organs would develop in other ways.

  • If gravity were not there, things would not attach to the Earth and fly off and away into space.
  • People would be safer inside buildings because most structures are firmly grounded and would stay put even without gravity, at first.
  • Anything else would float off - the Earth's atmosphere, its oceans, rivers, and lakes would be the first to drift away into space.
  • Earth itself would most likely break apart into chunks and float off into space.
Exploring the idea of no gravity

While physicists are convinced that we could never switch gravity off, we can still explore the idea.

Without gravity, our bodies would change. After a short visit to space, astronauts lose bone mass and muscle strength, and their sense of balance changes. Their red blood cell count falls, causing "space anaemia". Wounds take longer to heal, the immune system weakens, and sleep is disturbed.

  • The first president and the host of the May 1929 ceremony was actor Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.
  • The first Best Picture was awarded to Wings, directed by William Wellman. It was the most expensive movie at the time, with a budget of $2 million.
  • Another film, Sunrise, was considered a dual winner for the best film of the year.
  • German actor Emil Jannings won Best Actor for his roles in The Last Command and The Way of All Flesh.
  • 22-year-old Janet Gaynor won the Best Actress award for her roles in Seventh Heaven, Street Angel, and Sunrise.
  • A special honorary award was presented to Charlie Chaplin.

The unconfirmed story about the source of the name is that Academy executive director Margaret Herrick mentioned that the statuette looked like her Uncle Oscar.

The Academy officially started using the nickname Oscar for its awards in 1939.

In 1929, the winners of the Oscars were announced before the awards ceremony.

Since 1942, the secret ballot voting results were announced during the live-broadcast Academy Awards ceremony using the sealed-envelope system. The suspense, the red-carpet arrival of nominees and other stars, and the extravagant evening wear continue to draw international attention to the film industry.

The first Academy Awards ceremony

On May 16, 1929, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences handed out its first award at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

The academy was organized two years earlier as a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and improvement of the film industry.

Off course, some people will also seek out cognitive effort, rather than to avoid it.

A study found that participants who reported finding mental tasks "intrinsically rewarding" were more likely to seek a cognitive task over pain than those who find mental tasks less rewarding.

Mental effort is tiresome

Studies show that some people would rather endure physical pain than use their brainpower.

The idea that people will avoid exerting mental effort is not new. It has been discussed since the days of William James, a 19th-century psychologist. We know intuitively that mental effort can be exhausting. But the aversion to mental tasks can also stem from the anxiety of getting something wrong.

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