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Around 3.5 billion people watch the Tour each year during the weeks of coverage.

The winner of the final individual general classification (GC) receives 500,000 Euros. Winners usually share their prize money with their teammates. In addition, there are prices for the second GC and third GC. There is also prize money for stage winners, winners of the points classification and mountains classification, intermediate sprints, and certain climbs.

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Self Improvement


Fashion statements can mean a variety of things. 

  • They can be a statement of liberation, such as women wearing pants in the 1950s and 1960s. 
  • They can be statements of personality, such as funky vintage wear that reflects your aura. 
  • They can even be statements on the state of fashion, such as Jennifer Lopez's infamous belly dress.

We can make use of our friends, family, online resources and healthy habits to manage our intense emotions.

Support can also mean self-compassion, meditation, patience, mindfulness and breathing exercises.

Without the force of gravity, the intense pressures at the core of the sun would cause it to burst open. The same fate would befall other stars in the Universe. Eventually, there would only be a diffuse soup of atoms and molecules drifting around.

While this scenario is impossible, it helps to illustrate just how fundamental gravity is to the Universe.

  • The first president and the host of the May 1929 ceremony was actor Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.
  • The first Best Picture was awarded to Wings, directed by William Wellman. It was the most expensive movie at the time, with a budget of $2 million.
  • Another film, Sunrise, was considered a dual winner for the best film of the year.
  • German actor Emil Jannings won Best Actor for his roles in The Last Command and The Way of All Flesh.
  • 22-year-old Janet Gaynor won the Best Actress award for her roles in Seventh Heaven, Street Angel, and Sunrise.
  • A special honorary award was presented to Charlie Chaplin.

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