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Explosive Emotions

Violent emotions sometimes go out of control.

Jealousy, fear, anger and even love can suddenly turn explosive.

Suppression of such emotions often becomes the norm, as people prefer to avoid fully experiencing them or responding to them. This redirects or channels the emotions into other areas and physical activities.

Example: Small children who are afraid of the dark often talk or sing to get their minds off the fear.

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Self Improvement


  • The comapany Estée Lauder was founded in 1946 by husband and wife Joseph and Estée Lauder. Estée Lauder cosmetics were sold primarily at department stores.
  • Charles Revson is known as a founder of Revlon. In March of 1932 he, along with his brother Joseph and a man named Charles Lachman, started Revlon.
  • Elizabeth Arden became interested in the work of a biochemist who worked on cream for skin blemishes. She eventually developed her own products and opened the first store in 1910.
  • Avon was founded by David McConnell as the California Perfume Company in 1886. Originally the company only sold perfumes, but in 1928 the company introduced the Avon line of cosmetics and toiletries, and eventually the Avon name became so popular that in 1939, McConnell's son and successor changed the company name to Avon.
The microphone in the 1600s

The word "microphone" was not used during this time until the 19th century but an English physicist and inventor named Robert Hooke developed an acoustic cup and string style phone, where he was considered to be a pioneer in the field of transmitting sound across a distance.

This is the degree to which people are open to experiencing the full range and depth of their feelings. It also forecasts creative imagination better than intellectual engagement or IQ.

These titles can mean there's a certain level of expertise and expectation that you will know what you're doing.

But it can also be an indication that the company does not know what they want.

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