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People with high generativity don't question and debate the meaning of life every morning. They have clear values that they live by.

You must make a decision before you can make a difference. What do you stand for? What offends you morally? For example, do you stand up to bullies? Do you feel it is wrong to leave someone with hurt feelings?

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Self Improvement


Perfume After The 2000s

In 2000, the history of perfume came to a profusion of different fragrances that increasingly aimed at consumers trying to meet their needs.

Perfumery’s world soon becomes a global industry instead of luxury craftsmanship.

However, this trend is opposed by a new approach that aims to claim back a long tradition and the uniqueness of tailor made craftsmanship products. The same need for uniqueness is required by companies that today can no longer ignore the experiential and sensorial dimension. That is why brands are investing more and more on building a well recognizable olfactory identity.

Don’t waste valuable space by writing phrases like ‘I have excellent communication skills’ or 'I’m a quick learner’. This is not the 90s anymore.

Have a concrete example to pinpoint your skill sets, like the time you may have organized a seminar or some software or language that you may have mastered in record time.

Self-discipline vs self-control

A common misconception is to think of self-discipline as self-control.

  • Self-discipline is about taking action regardless of how you feel. It is to act according to your thoughts, not your feelings. You don't need to feel motivated when you know what must be done.
  • Self-control is resisting the desire of what you want to do. "I won't order dessert because I'm on a diet."

If we want to increase our success and happiness in life and work, we need self-discipline.

Instead of trying to find your passions, try asking yourself the following questions, formulated by author Whitney Johnson.

  • What skills have helped you to thrive?
  • What makes you feel strong?
  • What made you stand out as a child?
  • What compliments do you tend to ignore?

If you still don't know, consider working with a carer coach.

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