These herbal and dietary supplements are generally safe to be consumed, but it doesn't mean that they're effective.

Supplement-makers can make claims about weight loss as long as they include a disclaimer that the statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that require rigorous testing and clinical evidence to demonstrate their safety and effectiveness, dietary supplements are not required to prove they work.

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Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) And How It Works

The fMRI employs a magnetic field to collect information about the body. It is one of the most prominent methods in neuroscience for studying the structure of the brain, including differences in the structural characteristics of different people's brains.

It works with a system that produces images of the brain's functions that indicates whether the activity of neurons is increased or decreased in specific parts of the brain and under which conditions.

Many of the health problems we attribute to ageing are due to modern behaviours and lifestyles. They are a mismatch between how we were designed to live and how we really do.

  • Type 2 diabetes was almost unheard of in the hunter-gatherers, yet it is the fastest growing disease in the modern world.
  • Before WW2, heart attacks were not a big issue. Medical science hardly felt the need to study them.
  • An Italian study showed that between 1760 and 1839, less than one percent died from cancer.
  1. Goal setting: Creating an intention makes us change our behaviour. The good news is that even non-specific, vague goal-setting works. Large goals work better.
  2. Self-monitoring: Measuring the quantity and quality of our intake works towards healthier choices. Weekly monitoring of weight is an ideal strategy to stay motivated.
  3. Social Support: Friends, family and coaches involvement creates a sense of accountability. Actively engaging other people in your diet and exercise routine leads to fewer missed days and slip-ups, as our behaviour changes when we are with other people, or if we have to report our progress.

The ancient Greeks may not have been the best at treating mental illnesses but they did believe in the value of encouragment and consolation. They were the first to identify mental illnesses as an actual medical condition.

Some physicians, even after the fall of the Roman Empire, continued the support of psychotheraphy like Paraclesus who advocated the treatment of the insane.

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