Marcus Licinius Crassus was a value investor in ancient Rome, the richest man in Roman history with a net worth of 170 million sesterces (ancient Roman coins worth a quarter). His thirst for acquiring wealth was a legend in ancient times.

More recently, John D Rockefeller had around USD 300 to 400 billion, and J.P. Morgan had enough wealth to stabilize the economy by providing a loan to the government in 1893.

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  • Girls Scouts is an organisation for girls ages 5 through 18. The organisation combines life skills, STEM, the outdoors, and entrepreneurship with civic engagement and deliver essential girl-led programming.
  • Girl Scouts sell cookies.
  • There are 12 essential types of Girl Scout Cookies, but not all cookies are available everywhere.
  • Bureaucratic methods are outdated and have a backward-looking perspective, which is causing conflict with entrepreneurs and innovators who prefer forward-looking methods
  • Having a hierarchical decision-making process slows down efficiency
  • They have a rigid system that encloses the practice of protectionism such as being unable to fire someone with low performances due to the arduous termination process

Conventional wisdom states that relationships and experiences produce happiness, not just money. This thought process, prevalent for decades, is busted by new research, which says that happiness is dependent upon what we think we have as compared to others, and not how much they have.

Happiness, success and wealth are not individualistic or personal, but is a broader, collective pursuit based on our own perception for other people.

Credit can come in handy on some big purchases. Rather than using your debit card, it may make better sense to pay with your credit card, then settle the amount immediately.

This is because credit cards often offer more protection for larger items, such as extra insurance against damage or theft, or reward points.

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