Why we feel invested in a television series

We tune into television series episode after episode because we've become invested in some or all of the character's lives. Marketers and psychologists measure this on the connectedness scale - the degree to which people think a series and its characters are real.

Even if the characters are rich and live in a 25 bedroom mansion while you live in a studio apartment, you can still connect to characters on a personal level and because you wish you lived a life like theirs.

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Companies in the fashion industry have cut-throat competition and are turning to market intelligence to survive, sometimes at the expense of their competitors.

Conventional market research is no longer sufficient, and the real-time data provided by social media and online data research companies are sought after for decision making.

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  • Comedies seem to be perfect rewatching material. Laughter lowers stress and releases positive hormones.
  • Sitcoms provide a static world, with characters that maintain a consistent personality regardless of the situations they find themselves in.
  • The Sopranos is one of the outliers. Its success as a rewatch stems from being considered the greatest TV series of all time. Another is the political soap The West Wing.

Is rewatching old TV good for the soul?


  • Transparency: The blockchain tech is transparent, as shown in the way it handles cryptocurrencies. Each transaction has a unique identifier, which ensures easy tracking and supply chain integrity.
  • Speed: Transactions are implemented at lightning fast speeds, with reduced latency. This is a sharp contrast from slow bank transactions and central servers that are unreliable and cumbersome.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Due to the entire technology being digital, blockchain makes validation, verification and data-security a cost-effective process.

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A Definition of Personal Finance

Personal finance is about managing your own money - how much you spend, save, get into debt, and invest.

How you manage your money will depend on your age, education, ambition, family, and country of residence. While this guide will give you enough input to work out a strategy, you should always consider your own personal situation.

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