How We Use Money

There is a natural tendency to spend the money we earn, instead of saving or investing. If we watch how rich people utilize wealth, we can learn a lot from them and change our financial mindset.

One has to invest money no matter how less the income is, choosing something that is secure and gives decent returns, like an index fund.

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  • Renault Zoe - 394km (245 miles)
  • Hyundai IONIQ - 310km (193 miles)
  • Nissan Leaf e+ - 384km (239 miles)
  • Kia e Niro - 453km (281 miles)
  • BMW i3 120Ah - 293km (182 miles)
  • Tesla Model 3 SR+ - 409km (254 miles)
  • Tesla Model 3 LR - 560km (348 miles)
  • Jaguar I-Pace - 470km (292 miles)
  • Honda e - 201km (125 miles)
  • Vauxhall Corsa e- 336km (209 miles)

Assign your money into a savings category in order to be prepared for both expected and unexpected expenses.

Some saving category ideas:

  • Emergency funds
  • Retirement savings
  • Fun money.

The power of jewels has been exploited by diplomats, traders, and lovers. The famous marketing slogan of De Beers is 'a diamond is forever' and creates the idea that all engagement rings must have a diamond.

However, a big sparkly diamond is not what makes jewellery so unique. People desire to have something more individual and affordable.

Iced-coffee is enjoyed by 38 percent of people in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 24.

One explanation for iced coffee's popularity is that young people, who have been raised on iced-cold and sugary sodas want to integrate it into their coffee-drinking experience. Another reason is that ice-cold coffee can keep you alert. It offers similar benefits as a Red Bull.

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