The 1920s witnessed a trend of marketing products like deodorizers and soap by targeting people with desirability anxiety.

People were sold sex-appeal, confidence and magnetism packed as self-care products and positioned as a solution to a problem they were informed they had. This has only increased in the past decade.

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Maybe your utility bills are not included in the monthly rent. In that case, you will need to pay those on top of the monthly rent, and potentially to someone other than the landlord, e.g. an energy company.

If a bill is excluded from the monthly rent, then it will usually be calculated based on actual usage rather than a fixed amount.

NFTs seem to have entered the mainstream. But the technology remains confusing and inaccessible to normal Americans.

Millions of dollars are poured into this emerging market for digital goods, which has rapidly increased the careers of some independent NFT creators.

Developing countries and emerging markets are often more susceptible to be affected by a contagion, whereas large, established markets can weather them to a greater degree.

Periodic, global financial crises has been a staple of the economy for every decade since 1825, in one form or another.

The The McDonald brothers entertained a dream of a new establishment they'd call the Dimer but rejected the idea as too Depression-era. They were certain the future involved appealing to drivers.

After many rejections, the entrepreneurs secured a loan of $5,000, this time putting their surname on their roadside restaurant, followed by the featured menu item of "McDonald's Barbeque."

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