Usually, a new company with no revenue or earnings can't afford to borrow. It gets capital from friends, family, or individual "angel investors."

  • Venture capitalists (VCs) come into play when the company is ready to bring its product or service to market. 
  • VCs provide private equity financing in return for an early minority stake. They may take a seat on the board of directors for their portfolio companies.
  • VCs try to hit big early on and exit investments within five to seven years.
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Refugee visas and asylum visas can be granted to individuals fleeing persecution, war, natural disasters and other situations in which their life is at risk.

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Global warming is a crisis that young people feel they have to consider. With so much waste created, there has to be an endpoint to fast fashion.

Young people are looking at beautiful and usable clothes that already exist. They are repairing and upcycling previous fashion items to address the problem in interesting ways that add elements of craft and regeneration. A generation that has everything to gain by embracing sustainable practices is rising, and they mean business.

Why buying vintage clothes is ‘the new luxury’


Entrepreneurship is not always the best path

You'll never be rich working for somebody else" is bad career advice. The idea that entrepreneurship is the best route to riches and freedom is false.

  • Many of the wealthiest people earned their money working for other people, e.g. CEOs, financiers, engineers, doctors, etc.
  • The assumptions that entrepreneurship offers a better path to wealth than working for others is bad economics.

Bad Advice: “You’ll Never Be Rich Working for Somebody Else”


Astrologers with significant followings are increasingly finding new ways to monetise their talents. A 2019 report estimated the size of the US "psychic services" industry, including services like fortune-telling and tarot reading, at $2.2bn. With the increased interest this past year, the figure is undoubtedly on the rise.

But popular interest in astrology comes in waves. For now, though, astrology seems like it is here to stay.

Why Astrology Is So Popular Now


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