The chess board, made up of 64 squares, has a middle area that if a chess player dominates using forward thinking and strategic skills, he can restrict the opponents moves, and control the maximum pieces in the game.

Similarly business leaders can limit the options of their competition by asserting leverage or control over certain resources, prices or land. Several big players of the oil industry have deployed this chess strategy to gain unfair advantages.

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Sales of french fries and the export of main raw materials (potatoes and oil) is an economic indicator of the trade between the US and Asia.

The length of the menu at various cheap snack joints like Waffle House are an indicator of the condition of food supplies, electricity and other variables that provide key information on the country’s economic health.

Currency History: United States

In April 1866, the U.S. Congress passed a law prohibiting currency notes to have a portrait or likeness of any living person, due to some members not agreeing with the five-cent note having the portrait of Spencer Clark.

Till now, U.S. law prohibits any portrait of likeness on its notes of people who are still alive, with even commemorative coins honoring past presidents being issued only after two years of the president's death.

  • Patents focus on protecting scientific items such as drugs, inventions, and technologies;
  • Patents go through a rigorous application and filing process where they need to submit a precise description of the item and be examined by an expert patent examiner that will determine whether the item meets their standards;
  • Patents last for 20 years from the date they're filed.
Terrified Of Retirement

Many people get identified with their work to such an extent that retirement feels like a big question mark on what will happen to them once they are ‘released’ from what they did their whole life.

One has to see if working beyond the retirement age is an option, as many do keep working well into their 70s, comforted by the psychological security, social acceptance and financial independence that work provides.

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