The First Video Game

Though 1972’s Pong has often been credited as the first popular video game, the mantle goes to Tennis For Two, which was created by a nuclear physicist, William Higinbotham, in 1958.

The primitive game was a sideways view of a tennis court, with the ball moving back and forth, and the two players watching the five-inch cathode ray tube display and using a mechanical-electrical system filled with wires, and the world’s first joystick: a large cube with a button and knob.

The video game arcade era went mainstream in the 80s, also a time when the physicist was finally credited for his pioneering work.

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  • Discord was in gaming and gaming-related communities since the early days of the internet and even had an app on the Apple Store when it launched in 2008.
  • It has since pivoted multiple times, and has improved voice communication technology in its platform, showcasing its intent to be gamer-centric.
  • Long-time gamers understand that Discord gets it, and the community has thus exploded.

How Discord (somewhat accidentally) invented the future of the internet


The way Nintendo worked on the issues, glitches and other problems it encountered and solved it quickly provides us another lesson: Listening to the end-user and prioritizing the features or the changes based on user feedback.

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The current pandemic shows the importance of preparing entrepreneurs to face the increasingly complex and uncertain world.

Future leaders should be educated to see the uncertainty of our future as a reality to be embraced. The next generation of entrepreneurs should be empowered to meet these challenges.

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  • When you're fully self-employed, you'll need to earn more because you'll need to pay both employer and employee taxes, pay your own health insurance, fund your retirement, and cover your operating overhead.
  • You can find incremental ways to make the transition to self-employed. Negotiate with your employer to go part-time or remote for some time while taking on a side gig or creating content.

Building a Career from Different Income Streams


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