Hold One-on-One Meetings

Employees appreciate having one-on-one meetings because it makes them feel special. When they've done a good job, they'd get a pat on the shoulder and when they didn't, they'd get a chance to overcome their weaknesses.

Some other ways to show appreciation to your employees include:

  1. Making the environment lively and being involved in their work;
  2. Prioritizing their projects and help and guide them to their goals; and
  3. Hold them accountable for their performance and what they do.
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Albert Szent-Györgyi

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”

Innovators don't take more risk

Research has shown that innovators and entrepreneurs don't take more risk than the average person. However, they are more comfortable making decisions in uncertainty.

They have a set of skills that allows them to navigate in uncertainty. These skills can be learned and practised by anyone to improve their innovation skills.

Narcissism, it turns out, is not a one-dimensional personality and there are nuances in character and behaviour.

Humble narcissists, people who are egoistic but still able to admit mistakes, and leaders that are trainable, or are able to give other people credit, are a paradoxical but strong leadership package.

The Nobel Prize
  • The Nobel prize is described as the worlds’ most prestigious prize in the Oxford Dictionary of Contemporary History.
  • Sitting inside the Grand Hall at the Nobel Institute, the Norwegian Nobel Committee announces the nominations in October every year, something looked at with great interest from politicians and journalists.
  • The awards are presented on 10th December, a date coinciding with Alfred Nobel’s death anniversary.

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