Turning from negative behaviour at work may mean that people will not automatically see you as changed. Instead, they may continue to interpret your behaviour through a certain box they've put you in. As a result, they may be cautious about offering higher-profile projects or leadership opportunities, as the stakes may feel too high.

Speak candidly to your manager about your changed behaviour and see if you can get more opportunities, but moving on might be the only way to really start over.

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Don't hold meetings that leave out important participants!

If not everyone who is essential to the meeting will be unable to attend then turn the meeting into a detailed written communication that allows everyone to participate instead.

The 7 Types of Meetings That Should Always Be Async (and 4 That Shouldn't)


The following profiles are safe from A.I. and automation:

  1. Surprising Work: The kind of work that involves complex rules, unexpected variables and changing environments.
  2. Social Jobs: Jobs that involve making people feel things like healthcare workers, nursing therapists, social workers would be safe. It should have a level of emotional connect to qualify as a social job.
  3. Scarce Work: Work involving high-stake situations, a rare combination of skill sets, or super expertise would not be touched by automation/AI. Example: 911 can be easily operated by computers, but that work is still done by people, as one expects to talk to a person to help them with their emergency.

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The kind of asynchronous communication embraced by many remote-first teams allows for more thought-out responses, fewer interruptions, and more focused work.

But when emergencies happen, remote teams need systems and protocols in place to handle them efficiently. Even here, remote teams are often still better as they always have people awake during working hours to deal with problems.

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There are moments you want to run away, but they are often the moments when you should stay and work through the situation. They are your growth moments.

Those who can figure out how to work with difficult people are the ones people want to be around. When you are liked, you gain influence.

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