• Understand why your peer has interrupted you, and it has a different agenda, like changing the topic or to get you to stop, you can make direct eye contact with the interrupter and speak up.
  • You can say you need to finish your point on this important topic so that everyone is informed.
  • If the objective of the interruption was to criticize you, you can say that any feedback is welcome after you have shared your perspective.
  • If a senior has interrupted you during the meeting, wait for it to end and go for a one-on-one to clear the matter.
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Meetings can be very effective for building on ideas but not for working from scratch.

People should come prepared to brainstorming sessions to bounce ideas around, but it is only helpful if everyone brings a few ideas or pitches. Otherwise, people sit in awkward silence.

Various people working together in an organization form groups that develop unique thought patterns and behaviour.

Internal interaction in many such groups can be collaborative, task-oriented or just a broad focus on the primary goal.

  • Not everything that was done in the office is effective or even advisable in a remote setting where everyone is at home juggling work and personal stuff.
  • We need to understand the various subtleties and the many touchpoints of working closely with a remote team, and understand that it is not one-size-fits-all.
  • We need to adapt and fine-tune our interactions to facilitate a thriving relationship with our peers and bosses.
  1. Review: Discuss goals and explain the various roles and responsibilities to each of the team members.
  2. Set-Up: Anticipate a scenario where the project is over and was a disaster.
  3. Brainstorm: Each team member notes the reasons it could have failed, which is easier to imagine now that the failure has been established.
  4. Share And Discuss: Everyone shares and discusses, getting into the details of the failure.
  5. Improve The Plan: Now that the prospective hindsight has been utilized, one can review and improve the plan using the new information.

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