Technological convergence, where every messaging application is available on every device, has created more freedom and flexibility around where and when we work. But it has also blurred the boundaries for knowledge workers.

This situation became more exaggerated as millions of people began working from home daily. Digitalisation enabled us to tackle work quicker and with a more constant flow of new tasks and information. It means work is never 'done.'

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Working from home has decreased opportunities to connect with colleagues. It is a problem companies must solve. It could mean embracing nostalgia and creating conditions to make future nostalgia.

Tactics that might be usable in a workplace to evoke nostalgia:

  • Encouraging teams to contribute songs to shared playlists.
  • Using the start of a meeting for employees to tell a story or share a memory.
Workplace jargon

Jargon refers to terms, expressions, or acronyms specific to a particular industry or professional group.

People enjoy complaining about jargon, saying it is hard to understand, pretentious, and unnecessary. Many industries and government leaders criticize it, but jargon continues to thrive in most professions despite these complaints.

When asking for some favour, do not start with pleasantries, like ‘how are you?’. The chit chat should not be clubbed with favours or even for a required input from the colleague.

Make the small talk feel like a much-needed break, a mental work-free zone.

  1. Becoming aware of the workplace environment and the policies that might adversely impact the employees.
  2. Learn from leaders and engage in employee wellbeing.
  3. Follow other companies who have taken necessary steps to curb mental health issues at the workplace.
  4. Understand the unique needs and opportunities of your workforce to develop tailored policies.
  5. Take practical steps like initiating training programs and facilitating the various workplace wellbeing strategies.
  6. Many workers have a stigma attached to seeking help for mental health problems and need to be educated about the process while making it frictionless.
  7. Remember that mental health is linked to everything, including physical and economic health.

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