According to a survey, all employees have been annoyed by some coworker/team member. People with different personalities often gravitate towards hating others who are not their type or annoy them for reasons personal to them.

As a leader, you need to:

  1. Talk to each team member and find common ground, leading to a possible solution.
  2. Lead by example and show your employees that you practice what you preach.
  3. Set boundaries and demonstrate what kind of conduct is not acceptable.
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It's critical to have a strong support system by your side whenever we're dealing with emotionally challenging situations.

surround yourself with friends and people who support you and encourage you, these can be family, friends, work colleagues, or even therapists.

One has to be deliberate if meaningful relationships are to be developed. Paying attention and listening well is the first step to responding well. Following up in a conversation is absolutely critical. Being an active listener makes us form connections faster as our responses have value and substance.

One can be helpful and generous, provided it energizes you, and not exhausts you.

Ask: What are our goals and process for this project?

Articulate each person's definition of success and vision of the path ahead. The goal is to ensure that both move in the same direction and don't work at cross purposes.

Time is precious, so it pays to hook the audience with the main idea and give them a strong reason to continue listening. Your colleagues may be already overwhelmed with deadlines and demands made by others and will appreciate your clarity and brevity.

Delivering a new idea when everyone already has multiple deadlines to meet and zero bandwidth to process anything new will not be effective. Ensure that the listeners are not mentally occupied or feeling rushed about something else while you pitch your idea.

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