Myth: Different working styles are needed for leading, following and creating relationships: At work, people are often typecasted, making their personalities rigid and inflexible.

The reality is that everyone has a diverse set of characteristics.

  • Integrators are good at forming relationships due to high levels of EQ(emotional quotient).
  • Pioneers are good at inspiring people to do and be their best, which is an often overlooked but crucial relationship.
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Collaboration and communication are essential in the workspace, as well as social connections. But a balance is required between focused productivity and connectedness.

Meetings, email, real-time chat are all habits. And habits can be changed. Changing one keystone habit can start a chain reaction in how a team approaches everything about their work.

In order to identify your employee's me-strengths, ask them:

  1. What do you enjoy doing but haven't done yet?
  2. What sorts of activities do you finish that make you want to do it again?
  3. What do you see on your calendar that excites you?
  4. Tell me about a time when you were doing an activity where you didn't notice how much time has passed.
  5. On your very best workday, the day you think you have the best job in the world — what transpired that day?
  1. Trust can be built by showcasing your competence and skills.
  2. Trust yourself, shaking out any imposter syndrome and do not doubt your competence.
  3. Be transparent and honest, not hiding the information that makes you appear bad.
  4. Be a person your teammates can count on, by showing your reliability and keeping your word.
  5. Accept your mistakes and do not attack or blame a coworker.
  6. Treat coworkers equally and do not show bias.
  7. Treat people with fairness, integrity and try not to be the gossipy, two-faced coworker that no one likes.
  8. Have good intentions and be the person you would trust.

Don't let a petty comment discourage you. Do not succumb to the negativity because at the end of the day what people say about you don't matter.

Your actions have more significance than what anyone else say.

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