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  • Being Persistent: Try to join the local gym or yoga class, any morning or evening routine that regularly makes you be with the same people(apart from the office). The key to developing new friendships is to stay regular and persistent in the places you shop, exercise or eat. As more and more people get to see you often, you will start to get invitations for gatherings where you may make friends.
  • Social Networking: A fast-paced life makes it hard to even meet up with friends we have known for years, and many find it easier to use online dating apps like Meetup for going out and trying to have some fun with new people.
  • Breaking Barriers: Having a common language helps in breaking down the barriers to friendship. Being part of the same cultural or religious group helps to bring people together. However, one must ensure to follow the four basic rules: Accept the other, respect the differences, get into a constant learning mode, and meet new people often.
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Love & Family

Narcissists are people who behave in ways that many belief is driven by self-love but it isn't. Most of their behaviors are actually driven by self-hatred.

They are crippled by insecurity and shame. Their life is an attempt to regulate their image and this can manifest in behaviors like flaunting on social media, taking credit for other people's work, or even by usurping attention over brunch at the expense of someone else.

The plane crush can serve a function - it can make flying less miserable. It can help you cope with probably the worst part of travelling.

Even the plane's design can lend itself to flirtatious imaginings. The small seats and little leg room can be oddly romantic. Researchers found that when people are in anxiety-inducing situations, they may misattribute the feeling of nerves for attraction. It makes it then not unusual to believe you could meet someone you like on a plane.

Look at your friendships through the lens of TME -Time, Money, and Energy.

These are your most valuable resources. Consider how you're spending your TME and who you're giving it to. If you feel drained of these resources, you may have to change the relationship.

You may be tempted to tell the grieving to "move on."

But we do not move on from the dead people we love or the difficult situations we've lived through. We move forward, but we carry it all with us. Some of it gets easier, and some of it not. We are shaped by the people we love, and we are shaped by their loss.

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