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Every big decision you make needs to be mutual and where you both don't have any hidden feelings about it.

Disagreement on trivial things is normal but decisions about housing, cars, visa applications are things where you both need to be completely honest and willing to compromise over.

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Love & Family

Supporting Yourself

There will be many people who will not have the best intentions towards you, but it is crucial that you believe in yourself. Easier said than done, but it's never impossible.

If you struggle with gaslighting, start writing things down as a record of how you're feeling while things are happening. Be kind to yourself and remember that you always have the option to remain centered during conversations and be firm or walk away.

What to Say When Someone Is Gaslighting You

... and who are emotionally stable. When we look for someone we want to marry and be with forever, we usually don't think about their traits however it's surprisingly simple, we all want a spouse or a wife who is: reliable, warm, kind, fair, trustworthy, and intelligent.

10 Pillars of a Strong Relationship

One study found that volunteers who thought they were liked shared more about themselves, disagreed less, and had a more positive attitude. Other research found that, on average, strangers like us more than we realise.

These studies remind us to go into new social events assuming people will like us.

How to make friends as an adult

Supporting An Anxious Friend
  1. As we all have different ways of coping with anxiety, it is good to be clear about what your friend may want. Not everyone wants straightforward advice, some will feel better with just a chat where the pandemic or the politics behind it isn’t discussed.
  2. If our friend finds a good, empathetic listener in you, their anxiety levels will drop, and could also make you feel better as a bonus.
  3. It’s good to listen to yourself and what your mind and body needs. One does not have to dismiss their own anxiety in the process.

How To Help A Friend With Anxiety When You're Struggling Yourself

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