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If, even after everything, you still cannot get yourself to like your parent's new partner, keep on a good face.

Don't let yourself lose contact with your parent and try to go out sometimes with them or maybe just your parent alone, but don't make their partner feel alienated. If in any case, their relationship works out you could always end up with a surprising new friend.

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Love & Family

A healthier alternative to the silent treatment
  1. Admit that something is wrong.
  2. Openly address conflict without yelling or chastising the other person.
  3. Work on your listening skills and actively listen to each side.
  4. Collaborate to solve problems. It's you and them vs the problem, not you vs them.
  5. Learn to accept rifts that would never go away.

Does the silent treatment work?

Hardwiring for Personal Connection

As human beings, we crave love and connection with others. As scientific research shows, social connection and relationships are essential human needs that improve our physical health and mental and emotional well-being.

We feel personal connection when we have shared experiences, relatable feelings, or similar beliefs or opinions. It is when there is a sense of “oneness” and belonging to something greater than ourselves.

Hardwiring for Personal Connection: Use this Neuroscientist’s 5 Steps to Change Your Brain

Someone is usually extremely angry or deeply upset because they care. But that care can be better used. It requires developing the skills and language to identify the underlying dynamics which is behind our fights.

When we together understand how these patterns came to be, we can help each other through it and create new patterns.

  • "I feel something, but that doesn't mean you're necessarily doing it. I need you to hear that,"
  • "Honey, I'm going to friends tonight, but was thinking we can do something special tomorrow - what do you think?"

The 3 Types of Relationship Fights You Keep Having - And What To Do About Them

People whose conversations with others are full of awkward silences might have neural patterns that are out of sync.

There might be a way to increase your chances of clicking. Maybe clicking can be triggered by consciously matching someone's posture, vocal rhythm, facial expressions, and even eyeblinks.

Why You Click with Certain People

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