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Single at heart is used to describe the people who find their greatest fulfillment and meaning without a romantic partner. Authenticity is crucial to these people and traditional paradigms do not fascinate them.

Many people find that some activities, such as traveling or political campaigning, provide them with the same level of passion as a romantic connection, but some people simply do not want to be in any emotional trappings of a relationship.

How you choose to define yourself completely depends on your and your tastes.

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Love & Family

Things that draw people together as friends

We tend to build friendships with people who share common interests and values, have gone through the same difficulties, and support each other equally.

We are selective about friends because not everyone is able to exchange thoughts and feelings with us.

Studies show that people said thanks 5.5% of the time to friends and family. We simply expect family and friends to accept our request as a matter of course. We show more gratitude to strangers.

A little gratitude can go a long way in maintaining relationships. If you messed up, apologize.

A person who possesses emotional intelligence regularly shows empathy, self-awareness and social awareness.

  • Empathy - the ability to understand another person's experience from their perspective.
  • Self-awareness requires a person to self-reflect, gain insight, and own up to selfish moments.
  • Social awareness is the ability to be emotionally attuned to others and really understanding a person.
The Friendship Paradox

It is a mathematical theory stating that we are bound to be less popular than the people in our network of friends, especially the online one. This hypothesis is easily checked in social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook.

The people that we follow on Twitter, for example, aren't always following us back and therefore end up having more followers than us.

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