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To the brain, a breakup is a breakup. The feelings tied up in a friendship is profound, and the loss thereof can cause some people to wrestle through stages of grief.

Be honest with other people in your life about what you're going through.

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Love & Family

Narcissism As A Defence Mechanism
  • The term Narcissist is named after the beautiful Narcissus, a youth in Ancient Greece who was so self-obsessed with his own reflection that it killed him.
  • A narcissistic attitude is a product of self-loathing, and not self-love, according to an academic study.
  • Narcissism is mostly misunderstood and is in fact a cover-up or a defence mechanism on one’s negative self-worth and deep insecurities.
  • Narcissism can be described as performative self-elevation, where one pretends to be more successful or important than one really is.

The relationship between an overfunctioner and an underfunctioner translates into dangerously reinforcing each other's habits: The overfunctioner takes on more than their fair share of responsibility from housework to finances while only reinforcing the underfunctioner's dependency.

A relationship like this often curdles that could to lead to fighting or nagging. This applies not only to romantic relationships but it could also be happening at work and between family members.

The Five Languages Of Love

We express or receive love in five fundamental ways:

  • Acts of service (like washing the partner’s car).
  • Spending quality time.
  • Words of affirmation or motivation.
  • Gifts
  • Touch, intimacy and closeness.

Often, the two partners have different love languages, and there may be misunderstandings about not receiving the kind of love that is being given by one partner.

When Other People Frustrate You

We want people to be less rude, to do certain things, to avoid doing certain things, and to change their lives, eventually feeling frustrated when we realize that we cannot control them and it is impossible to change anyone.

The core error we make all the time is that we want others to be in a certain way, which almost never happens. The other alternative which hardly anyone follows is to let others be whatever they want to be and be at peace even if they are annoying.

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